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Manure gun

A past Dave Barry syndicated column (appearing in the Miami Herald, Washington Post, among others) dealt with Mr. Barry's recent visit to Iowa. Naturally, he used his usual humorous approach, but he brought up some serious points about hog farms.

Apparently, for one thing, there is a hog manure gun--no kidding--that shoots the massive quantities of, ur, hog shit onto fields, and sometimes onto cars and into streams.

Real carnivores
from: (Mark Langley)

Hi Pamela: Here are a few of my reasons you may want to add to your 101 Reasons:

Vegetarian animals (like humans, and horses) are water cooled, and perspire. Carnivorous ones (dogs, lions) are air cooled, they pant. The reason for this is that the processing of animal proteins requires a lot of water. Carnivorous animals cannot become dehydrated, so cannot spare the water (perspiration) to cool themselves.

It might also be good to point out (to the protein paranoid) that proteins are made from amino acids and that animal proteins are not usable without considerable digestion. Furthermore that the human body is very good at recycling amino acids. Nor does exercise increase the need for protein. (Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men lists comparable protein requirements to the ones you list in your 101 Reasons.)

You might also mention that a true carnivore will not touch cooked meat, or pasteurized milk. --Thanks, Mark

Gov't Predator control
Eric Hale sent The VivaVine the following email:

Here's an item I just heard about on the radio. Apparently our government through the USDA Animal Damage Control Program, spent $35 million on killing over 100,000 'predator' animals last year. Those animals were killing our precious beef cattle (and we can't have that!). --Eric

[Eric gave the following address to find more information about the so-called damage control program: Predator Project P.O. Box 6733 Bozeman, MT 59771 (406)-587-3389]

McDonald's protest in New Zealand
from Alice Evatt, Student Activist, Dunedin, New Zealand,

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996: A new McDonald's opened this morning in Dunedin, New Zealand. The opening was attended by a number of children and a group of protesters. The pavement was wet as chalk-ups from the previous night had been washed away. Some protesters wore face paint and costumes. Our props included placards and a big stick with dead animals and bones attached. We chanted and made a lot of noise. Our chants included:

>>McDeath, McLitter, McLibel >> Eat clean and green >> You are what you eat, Don't eat McDonald's >> Big Mac, Big Crap, Chicken Fat.

We also distributed leaflets, annoyed the manager and made some of the diners think a little... so it was a successful, though small, protest.

Meat inspectors on duty to the bitter end
From somewhere on the web

To be sure, the government has not "shut down," though that is the shorthand the media use to describe the budgetary stalemate between Republicans in Congress and the Democrat in the White House. The "shut down" would be better described as a "partial shutdown." The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines are still on guard. So are air traffic controllers, weather watchers, railway inspectors, meat inspectors [emphasis added] and the folks who feed the pandas and pythons at the National Zoo.

[Ed Note: So, the government continues to fund the deadly habits of meat eaters to the bitter end. But think about that for a minute. Should not the burden [and expense!] of the safety of our meat supply be put on to the producers and consumers of meat? Should not the cost of inspection be paid by the producers, passing on the cost to its consumers? Dare I say yes? What's the matter? Can't we trust the meat packers and stockyards to take care of this themselves. Doctors have to pay malpractice insurance. Meatpackers should have to pay meat contamination insurance. Make the meat-eaters pay their own way--the cry of the vegetarians.]

McLibel director for U.S. discovers 101 Reasons
from David Briers, the director of the McLibel Campaign, Email, U.S. McLibel Support Campaign. Press office: PO Box 62, Craftsbury, VT 05826-0062, Phone/Fax 802-586-9628

[Since he sent me the following email about a year ago, David has since learned a lot about The VivaVegie Society.]
Dear Pamela: As to my own level of vegetarianism, I would call it "too cheap to buy much meat;" but reading 101 Reasons I was pumped up enough to consider meat to be greasy, ill suited to humans, and full of poison as well as being environmentally and socially destructive. So I was on the road today and had to eat out, and actually felt disgust at the meat fare that is almost universally presented at restaurants. I ordered a vegetarian meal. It was one of those all-American restaurants, so it wasn't what you would call exotic, but it was OK. So you see, it does a lot of good to get the word spread. I don't know how many people have read this list, but I think it is over a thousand. --David Briers

[Ed. note: Yes, David, over 1000 have seen the 101 Reasons. In fact, try over 25,000!, not including photocopied versions, pass-along copies, and those now getting it on line over the Internet in two sites, one being the McLibel site itself. Go to:]

I was amazed...
from: Eric Hale (cyberspace)

I once visited a hog farm while accompanying a rural vet on his rounds. I was amazed (to say the least) at the conditions in which these animals live (if it can be called that).

Upon nearing the barn, the stench of the manure and urine of the pigs was overwhelming It was so strong that I could feel it burning the back of my throat when I began to breathe through my mouth to avoid the smell. The pigs are kept in cages that are too small for them to even turn around in. They wallow in their own manure and piss. It is difficult for them to even lay down and stand up in their small cages.

I gave up the idea of being a vet that day.

Dead cow blocks McDonald's drive-thru in anti-meat protest
from David Hayden,

Animal rights activists blocked the drive-thru lane at a McDonald's restaurant with the corpse of a dead calf on October 1, last year, in Huntington Beach, CA. The action was in conjunction with World Vegetarian Day and World Farm Animals Day.

Jerry Friedman, spokesperson for Orange County People for Animals, the organization claiming responsibility for the act, explained the group's stance:

For those who find this shocking, we must ask, why? Technically, this is simply yet-to-be processed 'food.' If this is horrifying, it is surely because, after seeing a dead body, people immediately recognize the tremendous suffering involved in the process...a hideous process from which most people prefer to be shielded. The body of the calf was obtained from a local farm, where a number of calves had just died from pneumonia.

For more information contact: OCPA at (714) 751-6272

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