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Veal demo, Nov. 4, 2007

Al Gore: Meat = Global Warming (includes movie, May 25, 2007)
VivaVegie does Harlem health fair (May 31, 2007)
VivaVegie pickets Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest (July 4, 2007)

VVS outreach activist Julie Hutton
Celia Harary, Pamela Rice, Doug Green, outreach at B'nai Jeshrin, Rosh Hashanah, 2006
Buddhist banquet honors Pamela Rice (includes movie, October 28, 2006)

VivaVegie does Meatout, 2006

Aidan Kohler does effective veg outreach for VivaVegie, September 2006

Penelo Pea Pod and Pamela Rice reach out at the San Gennaro Feast, 2006.

West Point cadets love Penelo Pea at Union Square
VivaVegie tables at 2005 EcoFest

Thanksgiving '04
Ken Midkiff

Veal Ban Day on Mother's Day
VivaVegie Public-
Access feature

Jeff at Union Square, pix
Jeff Boghosian, VivaVegie's outreach coordinator, at Union Square, Thurs., Dec. 11, 2003 (photo taken with the new "company" camera)

Aug '02 Rap 'n' Wrap Pam Rice with a hall of famer Pam with Shelton ?ll of

The August '02
Rap 'n' Wrap

Pamela Rice gets
bear hug
from a mad cowboy
at NAVS Summerfest

Pamela after a hard day
at the WBAI studios
with pals Shelton Walden
and Rynn Berry

  • SEPTEMBER 15, 2002: Abilene Reporter-News does story on vegetarianism, consults VivaVegie president Pamela Rice. Go to story.
  • Hear Pamela Rice (Real Audio) on GoVeganRadio.com in her May 22 interview with producer Bob Linden. This broadcast goes for an hour. GoVeganRadio.com is a phenomenal show, heroically produced. Worth any vegan's listening time, every week!
  • Read the Voice of America interview with Pamela Rice, broadcast on or around March 21, 2002.
  • Also, note: Pamela Rice was a speaker at the North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest, 7/31-8/4 (2002).

Taste of Health Expo Italian TV at Veggie Ctr
VivaVegie at Earthsave NYC's
Taste of Health Expo, June 22.

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Italian TV
at the Veggie Center

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Iris&Ibo cater at Veggie Center Pamela Rice gives 3 talks at the Veggie Center
Iris&Ibo cater
the Vegetarian Center

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Pamela Rice gives six
talks within one week.
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Peapod, Easter 2002 VivaVegie
is doing a lot
these days for the vegetarian cause!

Penelo Pea Pod
dazzles the
Easter crowd
on Fifth Ave.

MARCH 31, 2002
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Veal Ban Day,
May 19, 2002
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Michael Greger, MD Richard Schwartz
Michael Greger, MD,
at the Veggie Center,

May 13, 2002
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Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., at the Veggie Center,
April 14, 2002
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Pamela Rice speaks
at the
American Vegan Society,

May 26, 2002
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Pamela Rice testifies
at a USDA hearing.

April 16, 2002
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