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VivaVegie's links page


National/international groups

American Vegan Society
EarthSave International
Farm Animal Reform Movement
Farm Sanctuary
IVU: International Vegetarian Union
Jewish Vegetarians of North America
NAVS: North American Vegetarian Society
PCRM: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
UPC: United Poultry Concerns
Vegan Action
Vegan Outreach
Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)
Vegetarian Vision
VivaVegie Society


Regional groups

Vegetarian Club of Akron
Alabama Vegetarian Society
Go Veggie! of Chicago, Illinois
takes the unicyclist approach
Vegetarians of Alberta
Vegetarian Network of Austin
Australian Vegetarian Society
Bay Area Jewish Vegetarians
Boston Vegetarian Society
Calgary Vegetarian Society
Chicago Vegetarian Society
Go Veggie! (Chicago)
Cincinnati Vegetarian Resource Group
Colorado Vegetarian Society
Columbus-Franklin-Shelbyville, Indiana: Vegetarian Enjoyment Group
Vegetarian Society of DC
Vegetarian Society of El Paso
East Bay Vegetarians & Vegans
East Dallas Veggie Group
East Tennessee Vegetarian Society
Georgia Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
Hawaii: Gentle World
Vegetarian Society of Houston
EarthSave Hudson Valley
Indianapolis Vegetarian Society
Kansas City Vegetarians
Los Angeles: Vegetarians in Paradise
Mid-Hudson Vegetarian Society, Inc: vegetaria...
Vegetarian Society of Minnesota
Vegetarian Society of New Mexico
Earthsave New York City
The VivaVegie Society (New York City)
New York City:
(North Carolina) Triangle Vegetarian Society
Northern Connecticut Vegetarian Society
Ottawa Vegetarian Society
Club Veg of Philadelphia
Philadelphia: Club Veg Triple Cities
Pittsburgh Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society of Richmond, Virginia
Rochester Area Vegetarian Society
Club Veg of San Diego
Sacramento Vegetarian Society
San Antonio Vegetarian Society
San Francisco Vegetarian Society
South Eastern Virginia: Hampton Roads Vegetarian Community
South Jersey Vegetarian Society
Southern California Vegetarians (Los Angeles)
Tampa Bay Vegetarians
Toronto Vegetarian Society
Tulsa Vegetarian Society
Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association
Vegetarians of Washington
Winnipeg Vegetarian Association Home Page


University vegetarian and animal-rights groups

Vegetarian Education Group of Northern Illinois University
Oregon State University Vegetarian Resource Network
Welcome to Stanford Vegan Action
USC Vegetarians Home Page, University of Southern California
Vegetarian Society of University of Georgia
Skidmore Vegetarian Club
Veggie: The Amherst College Vegetarian Intererest Group
Vegetarian Nutrition and Health Letter of Loma Linda University
Rice Vegetarian Club, Rice University
The Vegan & Animal Rights Club of California State University

Student Group of the University of Utah
University of Virginia-Students for Animal Rights
University of Colorado Animal Rights Student Group
Rutgers University: Animal Rights Law Project


Virtually veg

NEW LINK: Vegan Values, by Stanley M. Sapon, Ph.D.


Vegan Eating Out: Know what's vegan before you go to that mainstream restaurant, including the big chains.
The Meatrix
World Vegan Day
Take the VEGPLEDGE! sponsored by EarthSave ...
Vegan Voices - Vancouver, BC, Canada
VEG-NEWS: The listserv to be on
Veg E-mail lists galore
Veg Source
Veggies Unite!
The Veggie Place
Dan's Vegetarian Page
NewVeg Home Page
The Vegetarian Channel
Vegetarian singles dating service
Why honey is not vegan


NEW! Links to news stories

TIME Magazine: Veggie Tales
VivaVegie Society featured in The New Yorker
Story on vegetarianism in Abilene Reporter News

GENERAL STORIES... more to come!
Animal News Center: Farmed Animals
Poultry company exec hands out $10,000 checks on the state Senate floor.
Florida pigs thank state's voters
The Green Cutting Board


Links to links

Links galore from
FARM - Links
The Vegetarian Channel: List of groups
Yahoo! Society and Culture:Cultures and Groups:Vegetarians:Organizations


Veg lifestyle, veg travel, and veg social sites

Wildman Steve Brill


Vegan Voyages: Fabulous vegan travel packages
Lantern Books' SuperVegan
Bulk Nuts 4 You: wholesale nuts and more!
Veg culinary schools listings
The Country House Montali - Vegetarian Hotel ...
New York City - Vegetarian Travel Guide
Benefits of soya, soya facts
Pangea Vegan Products
High Vibe Health & Healing on the Lower East Side
Health and Wellness Directory ( Web site
Calendar of Vegetarian Events Around the World's guide to vegetarian travel
Healthy Adventures (Atlanta, Georgia)
Welcome to The Vegetarian Travel Guide
VRG's Vegetarian Travel Articles and Information
Yahoo! Recreation > Travel > Vegetarian
Green Singles
U.S. Soyfoods Directory Search Form
Sproutman Publications
Brain Garden: Pulse
Vegan/vegetarian recipes
VeggieDate's Directory of North America
Vegan Bodybuilding
The Vegetarian Travel Guide...Vegetarian Life...
Malibu Raw is vegan raw gourmet foods cuisine...
NYC Veggie restaurants/stores
The Country House Montali - Vegetarian Hotel ...
Vegetarian Guide, USA Vegetarian Restaurants ...
USA & Canada Vegetarian Restaurant Guide


Links on the environment

Mike Hudak: Environmental Advocate, Organizer, Writer, Public Speaker, Photographer—specialty, public lands ranching
Zeroimpact Productions: Underwater video productions
Env. impact statement: Animal agriculture
Rapsheets - Factory Farms - Sierra Club
News & Observer Pulitzer Prize winning hog-factory expose
Families Against Rural Messes
Yahoo! Environmental links
Livestock Environment Toolbox
World Resources Institute
GRACE Factory Farm Project
Center for Biological Diversity
NOAA Home Page
Environmental Media Services
Environmental News Network
Guardian ammonia acid rain
FS: hydrogen sulfide
Swine-odor task force
The Ogallala Aquifer Depletion
Hog Farms Under Fire in Carolinas
Nitrogen Cycle
NRDC: Cesspools of Shame
EPA: Non-point-source pollution
Measuring Farmstead Odors
The Coral Reef Alliance: What's New
NPR Toxic algae bloom series
Pfiesteria/Washington Post: Special Report
Human sniffers, measuring hog odors
Our Stolen Future: Hormones downstream from feedlots
San Diego Earth Times: Animals in the red
UN Wire: The Environment
Greenpeace International: Oceans Campaign
Michael Pollan: Industrial steer (New York Times Magazine, 3/31/02
Worldwatch Institute Alerts and Press Releases
Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets
Worldwatch Institute Home Page
Green Maps
Livestock Nutrient Management
Intensive Poultry Production
WQWM Publications - Animal Operations
Composting poultry mortality in North Carolina
EnviroLink Home Page



League of Humane Voters of New York City
The Florida Animal Cruelty Act - Vote YES on ...
McDonald's vs Dave Morris and Helen Steel - The McLibel Trial
The NOT MILK Homepage
The Animal Rights Law Center of Rutgers Law School
Families Against Rural Messes Slaughterhouse videos
PETA'S: Fast Food Campaign
National Contract Poultry Growers Association
Government Accountability Project: Whistleblower Support
Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) Frequently Asked Questions


Animal rights

Animal Rights links from UPC
IDA - In Defense of Animals
Loads of AR sites
Yahoo!: Animal news
Yahoo!: Animal Rights
Compassion in World Farming reports
Compassionate Action Institute, Cruelty Free,...
Vegan fashion: A piercing argument for


The things people do to animals

The Jane Goodall Institute: Bushmeat Factsheet
McDonald's New Farm
Callicrate: The castration tool that works (instructinal video)
Swine management Q & A: Castration
Ask a poultry expert
Reality check on chicken megafarming
Welcome to the TRAFFIC Network


Vegetarian publications and media in general

Vegetarian Times
Lantern Books
Satya Magazine
Veg-News of San Francisco
Vegetarian Nutrition and Health Letter
Vegetarian Baby and Child


Disease, drugs, and mortalities

High Country News Chronic Wasting Disease
National Animal Disease Center
New Scientist | BSE and CJD MAD COW primer
Render Magazine
Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
U.S. Children Getting Majority Of Antibiotics...


Health issues

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NH...
Loma Linda: Vegetarian Nutrition and Health Letter
Dr. Kradjian addresses cow's milk
Life insurance for vegetarians
Food & Nutrition Research Brief
Your Child Nutrition eSource
Your Child Nutrition eSource: Newsroom
American Heart Association
Yahoo! Health News from Reuters News & Features
CDC Home Page
New Century Nutrition
QuackWatch Home Page
Medscape Infectious Diseases Home Page
Federation of American Scientists
EATVEG.COM - Nutrition For Optimum Health


Associations of the animal-food industry

Yahoo! - Science:Agriculture
National Meat Association
American Feed Industry Association
American Poultry Association
American Sheep Industry Association, Inc.
Maryland Aquafarmer
American Society of Animal Science
Dr. Temple Grandin's Web Page
Meat & Poultry Home Page
National Pork Producers Council
California Poultry Industry Federation
Yahoo! Agribusiness/Aquaculture links
Livestock genome mapping project
ITSI - Insemination Technics & Supplies International Inc.
Egg Nutrition Center
American Egg Board Web Site
United Egg Producers
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association
Cowman's Choice
The Aquafeed Industry's Home page
American Sportfishing Assoc., a view from the industry


Research tools

Search engine for everything in agriculture
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAO Current Year News stories
FAO Current Year Press Releases
Pure Food Campaign
FAO News and Highlights
FAO FactFile: increase in numbers of fishers
Food news from Food Online
American Rivers: Dedicated to Protecting and Restoring America's Rivers
Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly
Center for Informed Food Choices-Our Mission
Farms, ranches, horses, cattle, goats and mor...


Agriculture media

Progressive Farmer
World News Network: International farming news
The MEATing Place Home Page
Meat Industry Insights News Service Home Page
@griculture Online
The Western Producer


Government pages

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
Welcome to the C-SPAN Networks
U.S. Senate
U.S. House Of Representatives
EWG Top Issues: Farm Subsidies
Farm Bill 2002 Information Home Page | USDA


The United States Dept. of Agriculture

The United State Dept. of Agriculture home page
USDA's Agencies and Programs
USDA's News Release Index
National Agricultural Statistics Service
Agriculture Research Service (magazine)
USDA Animal Welfare Information Center
U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
The Natural Resources Conservation Service
Food Surveys Research Group
USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum '02
New York Agricultural Statistics Service


University pages relating to animal agriculture

Kansas State U Internet Links
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Penn State University Poultry Science Resources
The Avian Science Department at UC Davis
StratSoy Home Page
Dept. of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University
Texas A & M - Department of Animal Science
Agricultural Engineering Dept. - Iowa State University
Breeds of Livestock - Cattle Breeds
Federation of American Scientists


Food safety

Bad Meat: The Nation
Fsnet Archives: A treasure-trove of archived material!
FSIS News Releases
Food Safety News
Yahoo! News Full Coverage-Food Safety
Center for Food Safety at University of Georgia
Frontline: modern meat | PBS
FoodHACCP.COM: Food Safety and Foodborne Pathogen
Draft Dioxin Reassessment
PCBs in the environment and therefore our fish
Foodborne Pathogens: Risks and Consequences
Food-Related Illness and Death in the United ...
Something in the Water, by Cullen Murphy
Product Liability and Microbial Foodborne Illness
S.T.O.P. (Safe Tables Our Priority)
Dateline NBC: Meat deliveries in a heatwave
Dateline NBC: Is the meat, poultry and fish you buy as fresh as you think?
CDC: Foodborne Infections
FDA/CFSAN Bad Bug Book: Introduction to Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxins
Centers for Disease Control: Emerging Infectious Diseases


Search engines

AltaVista: Main Page
Yahoo: International News
Web-Agri: An Agricultural Search Engine


Misguided souls

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: News for Kids
The OFFICIAL Meatatarian Homepage
People Eating Tasty Animals - last updated in 1996


Political links

Corporate Watch
Socialist Scholars
Center for Media & Democracy
War Resisters League
The Heritage Foundation
EWG Top Issues: Farm Subsidies
Environmental Working Group: The Cash Croppers
Welcome to Michael Moore's Homepage
International Action Center with Ramsey Clark


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