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The Video Collection now housed at the Veggie Center

From Babe to Bill Moyers to Crackers (the crime-fighting chicken), moving images tell a tale.

Following are new postings to the archives of VivaVegie's Vegetarian Center of NYC:

  • Arch Deluxe (McDonald's) launch, news coverage, CBS (evening news), NBC Nightly News, May 9, 1996. A demonstration put on by VivaVegie included in the NBC report.
  • "Animals in Art," Mark Braunstein, 1992. One hour slide lecture; Vegetarianism in Art.
  • "Body Story: Heart Attack," Discovery Channel, date unknown. Very graphic computer simulation, clever story line, homes in on causes and consequences of a man's heart attack.
  • "The Buffalo War," PBS, November 2004. Historical account of the near anihilation of the buffalo.
  • A reporter presents pros and cons of Bovine Growth Hormone, BST, The Human Experience (The Learning Channel), Lynn Sheer reporting, circa, mid 1990s. Reporter obviously sides with the anti-BST argument.
  • "Tom Bearden reports on the politics of hog farming in Colorado.," NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Nov. 2, 1998. Click for transcript.
  • "The Butcher," Modern Marvels, The History Channel, 2005. Awesome video! "Vegetarians need not apply..." From promotional copy: "It's not for the squeamish, but THE BUTCHER is an eye-opening look at a necessary industry." We'd take issue with "the necessary" part...
  • CNN does story on New York City's own Veggie Singles News, Jeannie Moos, 1996. Jeannie Moos interviews Arthur Goldberg in his Brooklyn offices: Priceless footage!
  • "Cattle Ranches," Modern Marvels: The History Channel, 2002. Incredible footage behind the scenes, including a look at artificial insemination practices by a modern breeding firm.
  • "Commercial Fishing," Modern Marvels, The History Channel, December 2004.
  • "Deep Crisis," Scientific American Frontiers, with Alan Alda, 2004. This program follows the efforts by biologists to figure out what's going on with salmon, once abundant on both East and West coasts of North America and now in catastrophic decline.
  • "Earth on Edge," PBS: Bill Moyers Reports, 2001. Poignant look at man's destruction of the environment, showing people doing novel things to reverse the trend.
  • Downer beef investigated, Hard Target, segment on Hard Copy, Ed Miller investigates, date unknown. Expose of downer beef and the risk of infectious agents.
  • "The Dating Game," Dateline NBC, John Lasson reporting, 2002. Undercover investigation into the egg industry practice of re-washing and re-dating eggs; essentially no laws regulate it. (This piece won an honorable mention at The Chris Awards.)
  • "Egg-Ribusiness," Farm Sanctuary, 2000. Inside look at the intolerable conditions in the egg industry .
  • Vegetarian Bernard Goetz featured on Extra, May 2001. Bernie is interviewed at VivaVegie's Vegetarian Center, advocates for vegetarianism on national program.
  • "Farming the Seas," Bullfrog Films, Nov. 2004. An eye-opening look at fish farming, excellent production.
  • "Hemp: Plant of Gods," Acorn J. Woods, 1995. Pro-hemp educational video.
  • "Hidden Suffering," Chickens Lib., circa 1980s. Exposes the cruelty of the battery cage system and broiler chicken, turkey and duck production.
  • "Hunting Gear," Modern Marvels, The History Channel, March 2004. History of hunting up to the present where modern technology has removed any challenge of going up against animals. And now the animals are going down across the globe in a blink of an eye.
  • "Influences of the Cow," PBS, 2004.
  • Milk Dump (BGH), news coverage, misc., various TV newscasts, February 3, 1994. Pamela Rice featured in three of the national newscasts dumping milk on the street at 14th Street and Fourth Avenue, New York City.
  • "Modern Meat," PBS, April 2002. Extensive Expose that centers on food safety issues.
  • "Killer Flu," The Discovery Channel, November 2005. Bird Flu investigated.
  • Howard Lyman is a guest on the show, Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect, Mar. 18, 2002. Howard gives 'em hell.
  • "Made in Chicago: The Slaughterhouse Disassembly Line," American Experience, PBS, 2003. Incredible footage of turn-of-the-century Chicago meatpacking.
  • "Microkillers: Super Flu," National Geographic, November 2005. Terrifying scenarios explained.
  • "Pork Power," 60 Minutes, Dec. 22, 1996. A scathing expose of political breakdown, which turned North Carolina "into a toilet" of hog manure.
  • "Raw Footage, Raw Pain," Dave Crawford, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense, 1993. An inside look at an intensive egg farm.
  • "The Story of The Weeping Camel," New Line Home Video, 2003. A blend of documentary and fiction, this movie goes into the customs and rituals of nomadic shephards in South Mongolia and how they use music to reunite a baby camel and her mother.
  • "Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Proportions," Morgan Spurlock, 2003. Scathing and brilliant attack on the fast-food industry, McDonald's, of course, in particular.
  • "The True Price of Beef," The Compassionate Living Project, 2005. An analysis of costs associated with the production of beef. Featuring an interview with VivaVegie's Pamela Rice!
  • "Truth or Dairy," The Vegan Society, 1994. Entertaining video argument for vegetarianism, from England.
  • "Welcome to Watterloo, Iowa," 60 Minutes, circa 1990s. The social breakdown of a small town after IBP (formerly known as Iowa Beef Packers) moved in.

Following videos long part of the permanant collection at the Vegetarian Center of NYC

  • "Advances in Medical Education," PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), 1997.
  • "American Agenda," John Macinzie, ABC News, May 9, 1996. Macinzie speaks with Robert Vogel, M.D., at the University of Maryland about his study showing that a high-fat McDonald's meal can kill on the spot, even if one's health signs are good. The story was featured on the same day as the launch of McDonald's Arch Deluxe.
  • "American Writers Series: Upton Sinclair," C-SPAN, Aug. 5, 2001. A biographical discussion of the man who wrote The Jungle, the early-20th-century book that was written to shed light on social-justice issues but did more to change meat-handling laws in slaughterhouses.
  • "The Animals Film," PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 1981 documentary featuring early crusaders.
  • "The Awful Truth," Michael Moore, Bravo, 1999. Exposé of Buckeye Egg Farm via Crackers the Corporate Crime-Fighting .
  • Babe, Universal City Studios Inc., 1995. A pig escapes the dinner table by learning the skills of a sheepdog.
  • "Big Chicken," Mike Wallace, CBS: "60 Minutes," Dec. 19, 1999. Wallace goes to the Delmarva Peninsula to uncover the dismal conditions for workers in the chicken industry there. Reverend Jim Lewis is interviewed along the road.
  • "Bill Moyers Reports: Earth on the Edge," Bill Moyers, PBS, June 19, 2001. Moyers uncovers environmentally unsustainable human activities and offers alternatives to the destruction. Midwestern feed-grain agriculture and world fishing are part of the examination.
  • Bovine growth hormone: 12 minutes of news broadcasts, Jeremy Rifkin, Pure Food Campaign, 1993. Features citizens wary of the genetically engineered hormone for cows, which boosts outputs in an economic environment already flush with milk.
  • Chicken Run, DreamWorks Home Entertainment, 2000. Animated chickens escape from a factory farm. By the creators of Wallace and Gromit. Mel Gibson's voice as Rocky.
  • "Classroom Cutups: A Look at Dissection," PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Drew Carolan & Assoc., Nov. 21, 1996. With Alicia Silverstone.
  • "A Cow at My Table," Jennifer Abbott, Flying Eye Productions, 1998. A feature documentary about animals, meat, and culture. "Idiosyncratic and refreshingly unpredic-table....May become one of the most persuasive videos of the coming decade."--Animal People
  • "The Danger on Our Plates," Bill Kurtis, A&E: "Investigative Reports," April 23, 2001. Five thousand people a year die of food poisoning in the United States. This investigation focuses on this emerging epidemic, traced to both meat and meat production.
  • "Diet for a New America: Your Health, Your Planet," John Robbins, KCET Video, 1991. How your food choices affect your health, your happiness, and the future of life on earth. A companion to the Pulitzer Prize­winning book by the same name.
  • "Dietary Risk Factors in Cancer," Michael Klaper, M.D., Ahimsa Video, American Vegan Society, 1989. The vegetarian answer to cancer.
  • "A Diet for All Reasons," Michael Klaper, M.D., Nutrition Services, 1992. Packed with information on meat's links to ill health.
  • "A Different Story," Jeannie Moos, CNN, July 4, 1996. Moos covers the Nathan's hot-dog-eating contest at Coney Island. Pamela Rice and the VivaVegie Society are shown calling out the ingredients in a hot dog. (We also have the 2000 contest on a separate tape.)
  • "The Down Side of Livestock Marketing," Farm Sanctuary, 1990. Video exposé on downer livestock.
  • Doctor Dolittle, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. and Apjac Productions Inc., 1967. Rex Harrison as the vet who talks to animals, in a musical adaptation of Hugh Lofting's stories. Songs include "The Vegetarian" and "Like Animals."
  • Farm Sanctuary Gala, The Plaza Hotel (New York), Sunday, May 20, 2001. With appearances by Mary Tyler Moore, Linda Blair, and other celebrity champions of animal rights.
  • "Foods for Cancer Prevention and Survival," Neal D. Barnard, M.D., Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, 1999. How a vegetarian diet can reduce your risk for these deadly diseases.
  • "Health & Humanity," PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), 1988.
  • "Health Week," PBS, Nov. 18, 2000, Neal Barnard, M.D., T. Colin Campbell, M.D., Walter Willett, M.D., and others speak out on the health risks of milk.
  • "Hemp for Victory," U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1942. The USDA promoted hemp as an important part of the World War II war effort. After the film was produced, the government suppressed it and even denied that it was ever made. Parts of Refer Madness are also on this tape.
  • "Is Our Food Fit to Eat?", CBS: "48 Hours," 1994. An hour-long program that covers E. coli O157:H7, pesticides, and chicken pathogens.
  • "John Robbins: Celebration 1994," Cell Tech, 1994. John Robbins eloquently addresses a blue-green-algae conference.
  • "Lethal Medicine," The Nature of Wellness, 1997. A documentary that demolishes the pseudoscientific claims of the animal research industry.
  • "Mad Cow Disease: Past, Present, and Future," Michael Greger, M.D.; Joe Friendly, videographer; Feb. 25, 2001. Lecture at the Vegetarian Center of New York City.
  • "The Making of a Turkey," Farm Sanctuary, mid 1990s(?). Facts of turkey production.
  • "McLibel: Two Worlds Collide," One-Off Productions, 1997. The inside story of the single father and the part-time bar worker who took on McDonald's Corp.
  • "Medical Detectives: Outbreak," The Learning Channel/ Medstar, 1996. Midwest communities were victims of an outbreak of thyroid toxicosis. Contaminated meat had come from a LaVerne, Minnesota, IBP plant that slipped the diseased thyroid glands into hamburger.
  • "The Natural Health Show," Mary Mucci, Metro TV, Aug. 25, 2001, New York City. Pamela Rice is interviewed.
  • "The Natural History of the Chicken," PBS, July 25, 2001. A popular documentary in which factory farming of hens is briefly noted.
  • "No Shmaltz!"; Roland (Ruvn) Millman, producer; 1997. Lerer Shifra and Hy Wolfe prepare recipes from The Lowfat Jewish Vegetarian Cookbook by Debra Wasserman. Lots of fun and laughs. "Like your bubby would cook but...without the shmaltz!"
  • "On the Inside: Crab Fishing," Discovery Channel, Dec. 20, 1999. Crab fishing on the Bering Sea, an extremely dangerous but potentially lucrative job. Workers can make up to $50,000 in 2 months, but death is always a possibility.
  • The Perfect Storm, a Baltimore Spring Creek Pictures Production/Warner Bros. Pictures, 2000. Fishermen take risks to harvest swordfish and perish at sea. With George Clooney.
  • "RPM2Night" (an auto-racing news program), ESPN, May 25, 2001. A news feature about why Indy 500 race winners traditionally drink milk after the race.
  • "Shell Game?" Stone Phillips, "Dateline NBC," April 18, 1998. An extensive hidden-camera investigation of Buckeye Egg Farms rewashing eggs. Later it was discovered that the USDA allows rewashing up to 30 days after initial packing.
  • "Solutions to Weight Problems," Michael Klaper, M.D., Ahimsa Video #10, American Vegan Society, 1989. The vegetarian solution.
  • "To Love or Kill: Man vs. Animal," Anthony Thomas, HBO Original Programming/America Undercover Series, 1996. This landmark documentary focuses on the extremes of humans' relationship to other animals.
  • "Truth or Dairy," The Vegan Society of the United Kingdom, under license by the American Vegan Society, 1994. A star-studded exposé of meat.
  • "Understanding the Health Equation," Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Amwell Health Center. Dr. Fuhrman explains the only way to safe weight loss.
  • The Witness, Tribe of Heart, 2000. A poignant profile of Eddie Lama, a Brooklyn construction contractor who became an impassioned animal activist.

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