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What is the Vegetarian Center?

A Vegetarian Center is a jewel.

The VivaVegie Society has a solid history of service to the vegetarian community. Since 1991 it has distributed tens of thousands of copies of its hallmark publication, "101 Reasons Why I'm a Vegetarian" by Pamela Rice. It has continuously published its journal, The VivaVine, for over 10 years. It has been tireless in its dedication to creative and effective vegetarian street outreach. Hundreds of people, and perhaps thousands, have adopted the vegetarian lifestyle because of the efforts of the group.

VivaVegie's proudest accomplishment, however, was the opening of its Vegetarian Center. Here is a place that focuses on projecting the vegetarian point of view as its primary mission. VivaVegie still holds the desire to create anew a street-level center, which could have the important advantage of visibility.

Misconceptions abound about vegetarianism. Until every person on Earth understands the real costs of meat and no one views the vegetarian lifestyle as one of being deprived, there will be a need for vegetarian centers everywhere.

The Vegetarian Center needs your support. The VivaVegie Society reminds each vegetarian that every 3 hours McDonald's Corp. opens a store somewhere in the world. Certainly, the great city of New York deserves at least one place where vegetarians can count on finding an advocate.

Following is a description of our Vegetarian Center.

If you're a vegetarian, we've got the answers!

The Vegetarian Center of NYC is a unique clearinghouse for information. People are welcome to visit by appointment.

This place is here for you.

Today we vegetarians have a place to call home--a facility that is there strictly on our behalf. In the long run, the center will grow into whatever the vegetarian community of New York City decides it should be. VivaVegie has laid a foundation. The challenge for us as a community is to come together and build this center into a place vegetarians can be proud of, one that represents a large, active, and influential constituency.

The Vegetarian Center...
  • hosts lectures, video screenings, workshops, and discussion groups;
  • offers a referral service for restaurants, stores, vegan products, and vegetarian organizations;
  • houses an archive of books, pamphlets, magazines, menus, and cataloged news reports of interest to vegetarians;
  • functions as a meeting place for groups and research room for students and journalists;
  • serves as a drop-in space for passers-by to pick up a restaurant guide or other vegetarian information;
  • offers pro-vegetarian T-shirts and lapel buttons;
  • is a place for visitors to speak one-on-one with a real, live vegetarian!

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