VivaVegie heroes

Volunteers are like love. They make the world go 'round.

Thank you, Glen Boisseau Becker, for the professional touch that you give all the things that VivaVegie publishes. It helps that you are the copy chief at PC Magazine. Tells us that you know what you're talking about!

Thank you, Ray Ocasio, for the Web work you are contributing for the VivaVegie Society. We have the unfortunate history of having 2 former Web addresses. Everyone, if you see a link to VivaVegie via or, tell Ray at or notify the people at the Web site directly. Our Web address is (!).

Thank you, Adam Weinstein, for being so helpful lately, and so thorough. Our menus, newsletters, and back issues of the VivaVine now are in impeccable order.

Thank you, merry punster mailing crew: Jessie Legue, Tom Thompson, Arlen Baden, and Ray Ocasio. My head is still spinning from those syrupy word plays.

Thank you, Traceye McQuirter, for standing in at VivaVegie's outreach booth at the Taste of Health Expo.

Thank you, Joan Zacharias, for promoting VivaVegie at the Columbia County Fair over the Labor Day weekend.

Thank you, Tom Lyons and Bernie Goetz, for donning the Penelo Pea Pod costume. Bernie: Taste of Health and the NAVS Summerfest, Tom at the Columbia County Fair.

Meet the core staff of The VivaVine: The Vegetarian-Issues Magazine
  • Pamela Rice, publisher
  • Glen Boisseau Becker, editor
  • Christine Russo, managing editor

Meet our publicity/public-relations director:
  • Cortney Rhoads
Meet our board of directors:
  • Glen Boisseau Becker, VivaVegie copy chief
  • Bart Potenza, Candle Cafe
  • Les Judd, coordinator, NYC Vegetarians
  • Cat Clyne, editor, Satya Magazine
Meet our officers (all board members):
  • Pamela Rice, president, treasurer
  • Alan Rice, vice president
  • Mia MacDonald, secretary


VivaVegie Society
P.O. Box 163
Pocono Lake, PA 18347