All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.
--Edmund Burke English statesman and orator (1729-1797)

VivaVegie's volunteers and volunteering page.

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Volunteer "A" Team

Alex Press Elena Romanova Glen Boisseau Becker Ken Ehrenberg
Alex Press,
past VivaVine editor
Elena Romanova,
certified public accountant
Glen Boisseau Becker,
current VivaVine
Jeff Boghosian,
outreach coordinator (who's now moved to Virginia)

They're there when we need 'em

Seth Asher Tom Thompson Jessie Legue Rob Dolecki Roy Venegas
Seth Asher,
distributor, Brooklyn
Tom Thompson,
deliveries, mailings,
Jessie Legue,
punster supreme
Rob Dolecki,
VivaVegie guide
to New Jersey
Roy Vanegas,
database entry and
VivaVine distribution,

It's Volunteer Time! Here's What You Can Do:

  • Take Charge. Keep the VivaVegie library at the Vegetarian Center in order.
  • Veg-evangelist. Street outreach distributing copies of "101 Reasons" to the public.
  • Web site. Keep the VivaVegie Web site up-to-date, or be a regular "poster" to VivaVegie's Yahoo! groups page.
  • Publicity. Keep in touch with media points to let them know of VivaVegie.
  • Organize. Straighten out menus or the photo album at the Veggie Center.
  • Be an answer maven. Answer E-mail inquiries made to the VivaVegie Society.
  • Spread the word. Convince retailers to display "101 Reasons" for sale in their store or restaurant. We'll get you started!
  • Get clerical. Filing is a constant need.
  • Public relations. Make a splash. Get media for VivaVegie.
  • Do an errand. Call when you have a little bit of time to run across town.
  • Type. Database input is never ending.
  • Web work. Keep the links page or contributors page up to date.
  • Help VivaVegie's grantwriter. We'll tell you how to look for the grantmakers on the Net.
  • Keep a database. Keep track of new materials arrivals, people who order our publications, or referral resources.
  • Make a presentation. Display VivaVegie archive material chronologically in notebooks.
  • Cull. Sift through archival materials, taking out the superfluous stuff.
  • Compile. Keep promotional mail/flyers housed at the Vegetarian Center in proper order.

NOTE: Serious inquiries only.
The first rule when it comes to volunteering:
If your word is not golden you do us more harm than good.

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Internships are available through the VivaVegie Society. CLICK HERE to download a pdf-formatted flyer for more about this. We encourage you to post this flyer on your university bulletin board. The VivaVegie Society is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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VivaVegie Society
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